What is an Inventory Management System?

An inventory management system is one of the most important, essential and basic part of any business, be it a retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer.

Inventory management system keeps track of the goods that is coming in and going out on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis. What this means is that a business can record all the movements of its moving parts or goods of its operations, allowing it to make better decisions and investments. Different inventory managers focus on different parts of the supply chain though small businesses are usually more interested in the ordering and sales end of the chain. Some of the features of a basic inventory management system are:

Tracking Goods

Reporting Features

Inventory Forecasting

Inventory Alerts

Materials tracking

Daily mail shots via email.

What is Axis Management System?

Axis Management System is one of the most powerful, reliable and advanced inventory management system.

Whether you are a retailer, online seller, wholesaler, distributor, manufacturer, trader, supplier etc. The Axis Management System will be perfectly suitable for your needs.

What does Axis Management System do?

Axis Management System is the state of the art inventory management system which can perform several tasks as per your needs. With Axis, you can easily upload your current stock in the system with information such as model, grade, colour, quantity, buying & selling prices and even names of suppliers. Axis can also send out your daily inventory list to your buyers without having you to manually create and send the list. You can download your current inventory report in PDF or Excel to be up to date with your current position.

If there is any additional tool or feature that you require for your business along with current Axis Management System, then contact us using the form and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.


Current Axis Management System plans and pricing options are


£ 75/monthly

Add/Edit/Remove Inventory
Manage Costings
Manage Suppliers Data
Manage Buyers / Clients Data
Manage Sales Records
Manage Purchase Records
Generate & Retrieve Invoices
Amend & Edit Invoices
Email Invoices


£ 100/monthly

Include all from Basic*
Amend & Edit Invoice
Email Invoices
Email Purchase Order
Daily/Manual Inventory List Email*
Add/Update/Remove Invertory Images
Dealing Online Enquires
Automated Social Media Updates
Email Invoices


£ 125/monthly

Include All From Pro*
Generate Sales Report
Manage Accounts
Manage Human Resource
Forecast Future Inventory**
Calculate Profit/Loss
Forecast Profit/Loss
Online Tax Submission
Generate/Share Upto 20 Business Report