About Us

Oware Tech Solutions has been developing software's, websites and Ideas since April 2009. Since then, we have developed and delivered fully customized software applications, web solutions, SEO top ranking and Intelligent services to over 18 companies in United Kingdom, 85 companies in Pakistan and over 100 worldwide.

We are a committed team of individuals specializing in various languages, business development plans & AI solutions to those looking to cut cost, increase productivity and using state of the art back end software designed according to their business & profits needs.

who we are

Oware Tech Solutions is one of the leading IT consulting, software solutions & software development company based in Pakistan, UK & UAE. Our developers have an extensive knowledge of the IT concepts, software development languages & programming languages. With at least 5+ years of coding understanding & experience, our developers & programmers pride themselves on being one of the best in what they do.

We believe in hard & smart work, results, performance & reliability which is why our developers & programmers are always up to date with the current technology & solutions so we can build & deliver state of the art systems & websites.

What we do

Our services include full service IT Consultancy, Software Development, Website Design & Development, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce Products, Animation & Graphic Designing etc. For more information, check out our Services.

From designing & developing a software, program or website from the scratch to creating an effective online presence on the internet, our passionate team of designers, developers, programmers & marketeers are always ready to achieve the desired goals.

Our Expertise

Oware Tech Solutions specializes in all kinds of IT related services including softare developments, programming, website development, business intelligence, digital marketing, ERP systems, E-Commerce Solutions.


Web Development

Oware Tech Solutions provides web development services for all types of websites including standard & static websites, dynamic websites, e-commerce websites and mobile websites etc.


Web Design

Oware Tech Solutions offers excellent web design services going from a blank screen to graphical representation to a fully finished & working website using latest technologies & trends.


Web Application

Oware Tech Solutions prides on being one of the leading software companies for development of web applications as we have developed some very powerful, stong and state of the art web applications.